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Hello from Good Spirits! (East End STX)

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If I have an attentive and efficient server, they will receive a large tip and many, many thanks.
Otherwise, one that hasn't will receive an average tip and a thanks, and if I go back to that restaurant, I will sit at another server's station that I know is worth it.
I always give a new server one chance., but if they don't improve over the course of the evening, by hints my group gives them, then when we go back another time and that server is STILL working there, we avoid them.

Posted : November 30, 2011 6:21 pm
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Sorry didn't mean to imply you were arrogant, just giving advice on a relocation board about what to expect and why to expect it.

As for tipping we almost always tip 20%, even if the service is bad because if this food is good we will probably be back and there is always a chance they will remember a decent tip and give us decent service for here.

Big tip for newcomers, always order two drinks when you sit down for dinner, like the drink you want and a water, because you may never get a second refill. 😉

Posted : November 30, 2011 7:48 pm
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Agree about putting your glass and/or plate at the end of the table.Just always thought that was simply being helpful to the server to make his/her life a bit easier. It's a difficult job and I'm thankful for those who are willing to do it. I tried, it wasn't for me. I know there are "rules" about the silverware when you are finished with a meal, but I never can remember the rules. NEVER heard about putting your coaster on top of your glass - that's a new one on me. Thanks to all the servers out there - I appreciate all you do!

Posted : December 1, 2011 4:41 am
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