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Holiday Fundraiser-Scouts Seeking Help-Along With Young Man  


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October 27, 2013 3:49 pm  

If you don't know a scout on St Croix, Sammie, the young man I am mentoring is also involved in the scouts, along with a youth church group, attending Education Complex in the morning and AZ Academy the rest of the day-----all while in state custody due to a bad deck of cards handed to the young man. To Sammie credit, NOT ONCE involved with law all due to a great foster parent situation and many adults involved in his life.

We were able to get at mostly NO COST for Sammie, coveralls, steel tool boots, tool box(paid $10 for it), tools for his tool box all donated from friends and supporters of Sammie), and daily transportation from Complex to AZ Academy(ie government still working on bus transportation since SEPT...SEPT.....for transportation, which the local government receives federal funds for) allow Sammie the opportunity to attend the automotive technician program at the Education Center.

Last year Sammie was able to attend summer camp due to efforts like this by the Boy Scout Troop. Looking for a stateside gift with a cause---here it is. Or a St Croix gift.......or a nice piece for the holidays display proudly at your home or business.

SCOUT TROOP 34 Summer Camp Fundraiser
Sammie belongs to Boy Scout Troop 34 here on Saint Croix. Each year we try to take the Scouts to summer camp. We need to do some fundraising to make all of this happen for the Scouts because it is very expensive to travel from this island to the camp. We sold fresh Christmas Wreaths last year and many people asked if we would do it again since they were very well received by all.

There are two parts to the program. The first is direct sales here on Saint Croix. We are offering the three top sellers from last year again. There are two styles of wreaths and one centerpiece. Since we have to order items by the case it is not feasible to offer all of the many items here on island. Below is a picture of the three items we are selling and shipping to St Croix.

25 Inch Cranberry Candle Centerpiece 25 Inch Victorian
$40.00 $40.00 $45.00

For our families and friends in the USA there is a Home Delivery Program so we can have items sent directly to your door or to someone you would like to order a gift for.
There is an additional Wreath style available for delivery in the USA and also a small living tree for home delivery and a tree that can be planted in someone’s name.

25 Inch Wintergreen Wreath Living Tree 25 Inch Classic Wreath
$40.00 $35.00 $35.00

We also have a mini light set that can be placed on items for $6.00
and a Plastic Wreath Hanger for door mounting for $3.00

Please email us or phone if you want anything. Our Scouts will greatly appreciate your help!

My email is as I can email you pictures of the items and answer any questions .

We have to submit the order on November 11.
Checks can be made out to BSA Troop 34
Checks can be mailed to: Troop 34 4053 Estate Judith’s Fancy, Christiansted, VI 00820
These are great for home or office.
Of course, if you do not want one, but would like to help a Scout attend camp any donations would be gladly accepted.

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