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Virgin Islands Contact - shoppeusvi@gmail.com

For sale is our Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Fully Loaded with our custom Jailbreak build with all of the latest and greatest addons for movies, tv, live sports and much more. As well as exclusive features you will not find elsewhere. In addition to jailbreak we also include the best android apps for this device which include mobdro
We strive for the best possible customer experience, not only do we stand behind out product 100% but customer service is paramount to us. We have been working in the technology field for years and have sold hundreds with only satisfied customers. Many of our customers still communicate with us regularly for well over a year after their purchase to discuss updates, latest news or simply to purchase more.
We use a custom build designed so that it ensures it does not exceed the physical limitations of the hardware. There are quite a number of unique features with our build but one that other sellers do not have is automated cleaning and updating so that your firestick does not get slowed down or stop working because it is bogged down. There are also a number of additional features such as movie/tv show info, organization by actor or director. The best part is this is all personalized to your liking.
While we make our build as fluid and user friendly as possible you will still likely have questions and we are happy to help along the way. We are always available to update our customers on the nuances within the program and future addon advancements. But once you know which addons do what and where to go it quickly becomes a breeze to navigate this awesome program.
I would name off all of the addons on our build but chances are there is a new one being released as you are reading this. We do include a very extensive list of addons out the box that have been around for a very long time and are quite reliable. Additionally we include two addon installers that allow you to add more addons or newly released addons by simply doing a name or genre search.
-Countless More Plus Hundreds of Addons Preloaded in the background that can be added at the click of a button..
Note - An Amazon account is required for this device to run, if you do not have one we can create a generic one for you.
*Note Adult content is loaded on all our devices by default, but placed discreetly in the addons folder so as to not be seen on the main homescreen with the major addons. To remove them simply uninstall them.. we also include instructions on how to do so or you can contact us for any questions we are glad to help.

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