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I was reading a few posts on another forum about widespread racism (against whites) how the native islanders are gruff, unfriendly,and seem to have a chip on their shoulders about how the Americans have "taken over" their islands, particularly on STT. I was just wondering if there is any truth to this, if it's localized in particular areas, etc. It could be a little bit of a kill joy to arrive and find out that nobody wants you to be there.

I've also read conflicting posts - with people saying that most year round residents are very friendly. Then again, that person could be talking about all their mainland/expat friends.

Any thoughts from current or former residents?

Topic starter Posted : January 2, 2006 11:37 am
Linda J

I've lived and worked on STX for 2+ years. Most of the people I've met are friendly and pleasant. Some are not. I've found if you follow the cultural rules, listen more and talk less, and genuinely respect the people you meet, you'll be fine.

It does take a while to get used to being a minority, if you're anglo and white. And many who have been here for a long time, both black and white, are not interested in investing much time in newbies. They've seen too many people come and go to bother forming relationships. The longer you're here, the more you're accepted.

My 2 cents from STX. STT - I have no first hand knowledge.

Posted : January 2, 2006 12:18 pm
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Only on STX for 6 months but say most natives are as friendly to me as I am to them.
HOWEVER, I have personally witnessed several times where a white person has loudly complained about lazy, slow, Crucians while standing right in front of them. Sad to say every time it was a white, middle aged woman; and it was at Kmart ! The employee of course had to bear it, but you know it makes for ill gee, I wonder why some locals don't like us moving to their beautiful island, building huge mansions in the sky, and berating them. hmmm, go figure..........

Posted : January 2, 2006 12:57 pm
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If I'm characterizing it correctly, it seems that the addage "you reap what you sow" is more amplified on the islands. With such a small population, I guess it doesn't take long to develop a reputation for being a jerk!

I was just wondering if the ill spirits were widespread or if it was more localized. Sounds as though it might be situation-based, which makes sense. Personally, i would never invite that kind of mean spiritedness. Perhaps it's a matter of expectations, as has been discussed at length here. If someone from the mainland expects to receive the same level of conveniences it could become frustrating.

Regarding the woman at K-Mart - when I see that kind of thing happening it makes my skin crawl. I feel embarrased - not for the recipient, but for the perpetrator for making an arse of herself.

Is it hard to meet people down there, because few folks are willing to make an investment in someone new? I can understand the rationale but it could be a bummer - move down there and not be able to make any friends because they just assume you're a "short timer".

Topic starter Posted : January 2, 2006 1:16 pm
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We are moving to St Thomas as well. I've read a lot of articles on discrimination and could honestly care less. If people don't like me because I'm white or won't speak to me then it's their loss. Just kill those people with kindness. I'm sure you will meet many more great people!

Posted : January 2, 2006 1:19 pm
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