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looking for long term lease beginning ~Aug 1  


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May 2, 2010 2:06 am  

I am moving to St Croix Aug 1 (give or take a week). Looking for a 1 bedroom or efficiency on a 1 year lease. I will be bringing my dog and cat...after speaking to a couple of Realtors it sounds as if this could pose a problem when looking for an acceptable property. Both animals are very well behaved. I am 32 and although I have not lived in the USVI, I have lived on an island before (lived on Grand Cayman in '99 as a SCUBA Instructor). I am a Mortgage Banker with 10+ years experience and will continue doing my Texas mortgages as my primary income as well as getting licensed in the USVI to do mortgages on island. Will also be seeking part time work as a Divemaster and/or crew on a sailboat (experienced PADI Instructor and race sailboats). I am shipping my vehicle so I will have that with me. I do not need to live in luxury but will need high speed internet and a feeling that the property is in a safe neighborhood.

If anyone knows of an available property I would appreciate some info. Any other thoughts/suggestions regarding my move are also appreciated.

Pura vida-

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