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move with new born baby

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i am planning on moving to St. Thomas in late June with my new born baby. He will be 2 month then. Can anybody tell me something about good pediatrician, day care, nanny's or baby group dates.
Any info will be helpful.

Posted : February 11, 2008 12:53 am
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Maybe someone with more information about daycare could add something. However, I have a VERY limited idea of the daycare on STT. The selection is very limited. I have been into two daycare centers here, and both lacked the cleanliness I would require for an older child, much less a newborn (such as clean floors). Most people I know who have small children find an in home or nanny situation. How much they pay for these services I do not know.

I have heard a group of parents with younger children (toddler age) meet at the tot lot on Friday afternoons. Also, I know several people go to the tot lot Friday evenings about 5 ish.

As for pediatrician, I haven't had the need to use one yet. knock on wood.

Posted : February 11, 2008 1:14 pm
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thanks a lot for the info. It is good to know that the daycare is out of the question

Posted : February 15, 2008 12:46 am
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Well, like I said my experience is very limited. There maybe some good ones, but it might take some searching.

Posted : February 16, 2008 11:32 pm
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I saw your message and when my family moves to the VI our son will also be two. We are moving to STX, however.

In my searches I found a .pdf that listed three pages of daycare centers on STX. Maybe there is one for STT, too.

Here is the link:$FILE/Day%20Care%20Center%20Listing.pdf

Looks like you may be able to start with and that may lead you in the right direction.

Hope this helps.

Posted : February 19, 2008 4:25 pm
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thanks that list is very helpful. I also found a montessory school, which sounds good.
Do they have Baby's r us on the island or similar stores?

Posted : March 1, 2008 11:57 pm
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"Do they have Baby's r us on the island or similar stores?"

No -- have you ever been here? If not, you would be smart to visit before you move. We have K-Mart but they aren't as reliably stocked as stateside stores.

Posted : March 2, 2008 5:50 pm
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dougtamjj can talk about kids and stx with some authority.

Posted : March 2, 2008 5:53 pm
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trw, I think danymouse is moving to STT which I know nothing about. danymouse most of the stateside baby stores ship here I think. Usually I go on line and pick things I want and family back in the states buy them for me and bring the items in their suitcases when they come to visit.

Posted : March 2, 2008 6:23 pm
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