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Moving from Grey ORD to Green STT

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Hello Everyone
I'm a new board member who is moving down in June with my wife (both non-smoking professionals) our 2 yr old daughter (she will never smoke) and hopefully our 8 yr old Golden Retriever. I've accepted a job (1yr contract) in Red Hook with a well respected firm and we are looking for long term housing.

Our current work load makes taking time off to do a PMV very difficult. Plus the thought of striking out on a PMV with a toddler coming down soon afterwards doesn't sound like fun. We have been successful in the past accomplishing things over the Internet such as planning our St. John sailboat wedding for family and friends to purchasing a rental condo on STX a few years back with the wonderful help of Alexandra.

Here's were I could use some advice.
I'm planning on a two tiered approach.

Part I - Leave the dog behind with a friend for 4 months and find a 2Br condo like a Cowpet Bay unit that would provide us with the following requirements. #1 Internet access for our current ongoing projects back in Chicago
#2 Security for wife and daughter #3 Access to beach for daughter #4 Convenient to Red Hook. Bring just the basics.

Part II -During that 4 month period ending in the beginning of October (this would allow the owner of the condo to get back to business for peak season) I could look for a min 8 month through the unforeseen future a house to rent. Were our priorities would change, #1 Internet access #2 Pets allowed (our security) #3 Convenient to Red Hood. Ship down furniture at this point.

I would appreciate anybodies feedback or info on housing for this approach. We have learned allot over the past week from reading the board. I know word of mouth and feet on the ground are the best way to accomplish this but
we've hoping to get lucky using the Internet. It has worked in the past. If you think you might know of a place please let us know. I'm pretty sure Alexandra would vouch for our character.
Thanks for reading.

Robert Diericks AIA

Posted : March 21, 2007 12:14 pm
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Bob - I'm just sorry that STT gets you and Kasia and Tara and STX does not!

If anyone has any leads on housing for them, the landlord would be getting great tenants and some new friends.

Posted : March 21, 2007 1:08 pm
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Hey Bricks... email me again so that we can discuss your situation

Posted : March 21, 2007 1:28 pm
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