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Moving to start a buisness

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I am going to be starting a business in Saint Croix and I was wondering if anyone knows how much it is going to cost me for garbage pick up? I heard that there are private companies that pick up garbage but I am not sure which one to choose and how much it is going to cost?

I was also wondering what the current rate for electricity is?

Thank you so much.

Topic starter Posted : March 5, 2009 1:45 am

just curious about your business. what are you starting or do you not want to say just yet.

Posted : March 5, 2009 11:02 am
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It all depends on how much trash you will have and where you are going to be located. Some business downtown are in very tight spots and require a regular truck to come in and empty their dumpster. A restaurant for example is going to need to have their dumpster emptied more times a week then other business, so it all depends....

Electric is around .28 cents a kilowatt, but it goes up or down with oil prices. It is not a fixed thing at all. So a buisness that is open air is always better on your electric bill. Bills I paid as a bookkeeper went up as high as .40cents a kilowatt. I heard of some business being higher, but don't know if it was rumor or fact. Residental is usually higher then commerical rates.

Posted : March 5, 2009 12:17 pm
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that's the waste management site for the VI. There is a page with all areas of STX serviced by public trash pick up. If your area is not one of them, you can use a private service (the names of those companies are the same as those that pick up the public trash - it's a contact labor type deal).

here is a link to the Virgin Islands Telephone Directory. You can search for trash removal/pick up, call them, and see what their rates are.

Posted : March 5, 2009 3:15 pm
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Electricity has ranged from .32 cents to .52 cents (total) per kWh in the last year. Rates are down now, but everyone and their mother knows its only a matter of time before it goes up again.

Posted : March 5, 2009 6:51 pm
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