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Moving to STT/STX


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April 8, 2014 1:10 am  

First I just want to say how helpful this forum is, you guys are awesome.

That said, I have a ton of questions. If anyone has any answers please let me know!

My name is Thomas. I'm graduating from East Carolina University this spring with a BA in Hospitality MGMT (Concentration in Hotel MGMT). I have 2 years front desk experience at the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel. I have always planned to move to the islands after graduation, and can't wait to make it a reality. Hopefully I'll be moving down within the next year. However, this summer I am visiting for a week on the look out for job opportunities and places to live, and I'd like to get as much info as possible before my visit.

So here come the questions, I know there's a lot, but an answer to even just one would help a ton! Thanks!

How difficult is it for a new-comer to find a job? Hopefully a front-desk clerk/manager position in a hotel/resort.

Which island is more ideal for someone in my situation?

Where to rent a home/apartment that's cheap and in a good (safe) area?

Ship my vehicle or buy one there? I own a Nissan X-terra 4WD, I've heard shipping your vehicle is the only way to go, but it sounds like a hassle.

How's the local Nightlife? Are there lots of people my age (20-30) that move down?

Fishing License? I spearfish and have a license in Virginia/NC but do you need one down there? If so, is it difficult to get one?

I appreciate any and all information, thanks again!

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April 8, 2014 11:07 am  

stt might be more your style. more hotels, busier.

it is not really a hassle. personally it is better to bring your own,

i think stt has more of a nightlife.

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April 8, 2014 1:36 pm  

A good front desk position might be hard to land until you get to know your way around and are able to answer visitors' many questions.

Have you read all the general information on this site? If you go to the top bar and read everything from "Home" through, "Message Board" you'll find a ton of useful information which will answer many questions. To ship or not to ship a car is an oft-discussed forum subject. In my opinion it's not worth it as there are always plenty of vehicles here for sale, there are some good mechanics who for a small price will check them out for you; and if island living doesn't work out for you it's one less thing to worry about.

Good luck!

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