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I just found out yesterday that The Pastry Hut on Centerline has aisles of natural and organic foods--half of the store, in fact! There's frozen goods, cereal, chips, cake mixes, juice, soda...The back room is dedicated to natural beauty products too...Dr. Bronner soaps, etc. etc. Natural baby products too. It has been this way for 3 months apparently. The prices are pretty good too, although higher than the states, as you would expect. I seriously felt like jumping up and down in the aisles when I saw some of the items they carry. Enjoy!

Posted : January 25, 2008 2:53 pm
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There is also an excellent store, "Health Consious" I think is the name, on the road leading away from Sunny Isles going toward the refinery. I believe they also serve lunch.

Posted : January 25, 2008 3:09 pm
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