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need links to marine jobs in VI

(@Gary and Desiree)
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HI AGAIN, does anyone know any links to chat rooms, bbs or web sites where sailors, boaters and people in the boat industry in the VI can communicate. there are dozens of places for this in the states but i`m having problems finding anything dedicated to the VI.

thanks, gary and desiree

see our original post with subject " family of 5, need info please" to see why we need this info.

also, if anyone living in St. Thomas would be kind enough to place a notice on any marina bulletin boards there for us prior to our arrival we would return the favor in some manner once we arrive. I can write and e-mail with the notice if anyone would print a couple of copies and post them at marinas.

thanks a bunch

Posted : November 2, 2004 8:30 pm
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I don't honestly know of any on-line job websites. You need to get in touch with Pamela from the V.I. Charter League. I have a feeling she is very busy with the charter yacht show she is hosting in Crown Bay, but scroll through and find her posts under "Pamela" and send her an e-mail.

Posted : November 2, 2004 9:03 pm
(@Gary and Desiree)
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hi east ender, thanks for the info. we just found her e-mail address and sent her an e-mail and await a reply.

this board is great and the people and info helpful but they need one for boaters. maybe we`ll work on that when we get there and set up.

thanks again, gary and desiree

Posted : November 3, 2004 1:36 am
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