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NFL on satellite?


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October 28, 2010 5:32 am  

I couldnt find anything definitive about how to get the NFL package (ala DirecTV) in STT. I know DISH has HD but they dont have all the NFL games, at least not in the states. Can anyone tell me what sports fans do if they want to see NFL games besides whats on network?

Does DirecTV service USVI now? Maybe someone brought a box and dish down from the states and its working? (I know you can move them. Relatives often trade boxes to avoid game blackouts.)

I searched for these answers on here already but couldnt find out anything definitive and was hoping someone had some experience with this.


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October 28, 2010 10:33 am  

DirecTV here is DirecTV Latin America. They do offer the Ticket for a price but lots of the programming is in Espanol. No HD, No DVR. Stateside DirecTV doesn't work here.

With Dishnetwork you get your networks through All American Direct and can get them from NY, San Fran, Chicago, and LA. Dish also offer NFL channel and Redzone.

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October 28, 2010 3:21 pm  

Yes, like Sky said DirecTV is your only option for the NFL Sunday Ticket. I pay something like $129 for the season which is a lot cheaper than I paid on the mainland. However, you'll be stuck with standard definition, more channels in Spanish than English (I think I get about 25 channels in English), and spotty support. I have an Innovative cable setup for basic cable in English as my backup. Combined the two options still aren't as good as Dish but I can't get the Sunday Ticket on Dish so I hobble along (because the Mrs is certainly not going to let me acquire a 3rd TV source.)

I currently have Choice's high-speed internet and BBVI. If I can figure how to get a reliable high-speed connection maybe I'll find a service to stream the NFL here and dump my anemic cable/satellite services for Dish.

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