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Not very happy Red Hook Mail service

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I've been off island for quite a while now, and Red Hook Mail service was supposed to forward my mail. In the last 10 months - not a single letter was forwarded. Ok, perhaps no one writes to me - no big deal.

Today I got a letter forwarded by Red Hook Mail.

1. Although they sent it on May 19th, the original letter is dated (postmarked by US mail) October 18 2010 !!! (So yes, they got it over 8 months ago and "forgot to send" I guess). Only took a few days to get here, once they dropped it into a mailbox, d-oh.
2. The letter is a refund check from Innovative for $85.
3. As these refund checks often go, this one is only good for 6 months. So - the check is useless now, I lost my money (doubt I can get another check from Innovative)
4. To add insult to injury Inside the envelope there is a note saying I *owe* Red Hook Mail service $5.57 for this wonderful "service". Mind you, I left a deposit of $25 when setting up forwarding, which was supposed to be used for mailing - and this is the first time they sent anything.

So, if you guys from RHM, are reading this - you suck. 🙁

Posted : May 24, 2011 2:25 am
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