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Obama Inaguaration


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January 25, 2009 11:02 am  

Good Morning all,

After having been in the caribbean just after Obama was elected and seeing what seemed to me a fair amount of support and positive response I couldn't help wondering while I watched his first speech as president if most in were filled with joy and celebrating on inaguaration day.

For my part I was very moved by the speech and I can say it has been a fair number of years since I have felt hopeful after a speech by our president. Hopeful for many reasons for both our nation and our people as a whole (and that includes the one where we were told we were getting an additional no strings tax rebate).

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January 25, 2009 3:27 pm  

everyone was very excited alot of stores downtown closed for the inaguration so we could watch it. i enjoyed the speech too.

A Davis
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January 27, 2009 12:21 am  

I must admit to being a Democrat, and having voted for the delegates in the local Democratic Caucus who would go on to cast votes for now-President Obama at the Democratic National Convention. Through the Electoral College, Virgin Islanders who are U.S. citizens DO have a second-hand way of contributing to the process...

Obama certainly speaks a different political language than I have become used to. I don't expect everything to go as he wishes, but I'm glad that he is handling things in this way.

It's like being on the job. We don't have to like or agree with the people with whom we work, but we want to make good widgets to sell so that we can all feed and clothe ourselves... and so we DO IT. We get down to business. And we respect one another. We are adults about it because the result of not cooperating is immediately hurtful - not because we are so "good".

When people become powerful financially or politically they have a buffer between themselves and the results of their actions. History has shown us that this ends up hurting the public most of all. President Obama is not a savior, he is a facilitator. It will not be easy. I want him to succeed for all of us, not just the left or the right (or the center).

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