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Off-Season Rates--No Way

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We are down for a month to remodel our condo. I was sure we could get a discount on a car rental as it's so slow and the cars are just sitting there. After contacting almost every company on STT we reached Discount Car who sort of gave us a deal. Our plan was to just rent a car a couple of days a week to run errands, explore and eat a nice meal out. We figured the rest of the week we'd just remodel and beach it. Discount wouldn't work with us on that, but did give us a good monthly rental rate so we took it. I'm still confused as to why the rental car companies would rather have their cars go unused than give a 20 or even 10% discount. Any thoughts?

Posted : September 13, 2008 1:41 pm
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If you're renting for a month Hertz gives monthly rates (it's actually a mini lease) if you're a AAA member you get a 10-15% discount.

We rent for 3 months in the winter.......price is about $700./month plus their fees for a mid-size car. Last January they gave us a brand new 4X4 Jeep SUV (as a substitute for the mid-size) only had 60 miles on it.

We tried contacting other agencies for long term rentals but they didn't want to talk to me about that.....saying why rent to you for $500./month when we can get $500./week from someone else.


Posted : September 13, 2008 2:09 pm
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