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On my way to work-navigating St. Croix

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Good day all. I have agreed to a job in Christensted and will be on my way soon. Need a roof over head and car. As a newbie I'm looking for inexpensive all the way around.

I'm a bit confused as to N-S-E-W comments about locations. Since I will work in Christensted, I'm a bit miffed as to where to locate. What is a realistic distance/area to get to work in the morning by 7 a.m. and be able to get out at 5? I had looked at a place in Grapetree Bay but some folks have told me I may run into traffic troubles, etc. I was told it is 15 minutes away.

It's looking like a car is almost a mandate. I'll be cash poor after the move and springing for a car is going to be painful, especially the prices i see for them, yikes! Add to a month-to-month studio and....., you get the picture. I'm sure my story is like a broken record. But, I'm not a kid and be around the block so please don't be afraid to contact me as I'm excited to be coming but not on a fantasy ride.

Thank-you much to everyone,


Topic starter Posted : February 1, 2011 4:55 am
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Like every new information seeker, you should read what is already here. There are many new resident stories on this site as well as hours of reading older posts. You can find those by using the "search function" at the top of the page.

You are right, a car is important to get around. A usable 'drivable' car will start about $3000. Grapetree Bay is a lovely area on the south/east side of St Croix. It is near the Divi Casino,but little else. Yes,it is sort of 15+ minutes from Christiansted, but there is very little development between the two. If you want to be closer to food stores,restaurants and stuff, you might want to be closer to town. I prefer to be farther away,so Grapetree would suit me fine.

Lately I have been suggesting that new folks Go to "Google Earth" to begin to get a better feeling about places and names around St Croix. It is better than a map when you can see actual houses and buildings in relation to each other. You can easily download Google Earth on the internet.


Posted : February 1, 2011 2:32 pm
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