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Parking tickets in F'sted  


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September 9, 2009 3:36 pm  

Barrricades are put up in F'sted when the cruise ships are in to reduce traffic flow in the areas where the tourists walk - good idea. A few of the streets become one-way streets. Legal parking spaces sqeeze up pretty tight to the gap in the barricade making it difficult for the larger vehicles to get through. The police were trying to keep that area clear last Saturday - good idea. The problem was that there was nothing - absolutely nothing - to indicate that you couldn't park there and it was a perfectly legal parking space. There was easily room for 3 cars to park there. I watched as 2 different ladies were given tickets. They tried to plead their case with the officer to no avail. The officer, in my opinion, was rather confrontational. Later, another car was allowed to park in the exact same piece of real estate for over 5 hours and did not receive a ticket. Hmmm...

C'mon guys, a simple traffic cone or 2 would've solved the problem.

If the 2 ladies that received tickets follow this board and plan to fight the tickets, you are welcome to PM me. I saw the whole thing. I'm willing to help.

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September 9, 2009 8:53 pm  

A week ago Monday we saw a lady traffic cop marki g the tires on cars parked in front of the pier where it is one hour parking.

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