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I am moving to ST Croix in January. I plan to drive to Miami to fly with my 11.5 year old Cock a Poo. I am concerned about the temperature regulations on American Air Lines. I have considered using Amerijet Cargo but they have long layover in San Juan. I could fly to San Juan and take a charter or commercial airline to St Croix. She is 31 lbs so cannot be a lap dog. Would consider a charter from Miami to St Croix but I realize they are very expensive. Any expert travelers with advice ?

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the temperature in the cargo bin under the seating area is the same temperature as the seating area...only the outer shell of the aircraft is insulated.
While on the ground, the cargo area is usually the ambient temperature of the airport tarmac....since the cargo doors are all open during loading.
The planes heating system circulates throughout the entire interior...while baggage stacks do slow the full flow of the air in that portion of the aircraft.
Please realize that it is usually 50 to 60 degrees below zero while in, the airline has to maintain heat throughout the aircraft....dogs and other living things fly very comfy in the cargo hold. On the tarmac it is a different story....that is why pets are first off and sent directly to baggage area.
My dogs have been frequent flyers between STX MIA and other cities.

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please check with your carrier to make sure your breed of dog can fly.

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We used Amerijet for our 5 dogs and 3 cats in October of 2012.

They did fine.

Lay over was not a problem as they took the dogs out of their carriers for exercise and water.

As I recall they left Miami @ 11 PM or so and got here in STX about 1:30 PM.

All this after a 5 day across the USA car journey.


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