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Progressive Veterinary Hospital is stepping up

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The subject of stray cats and dogs has been brought up a few times here. Progressive Veterinarian Hospital has decided to do what they can to help. They have a new plan in place called Mitey's Mission. They are raising funds to treat and find forever homes for the strays brought in to them by good samaritans. The goal is to have the funds to treat and find new homes for these dogs and cats that have been abandoned or that were just born in the bush. Dr Canton has pledged to match any donation given to Mitey's Mission to help these animals. See their new facebook page dedicated to this cause.

Topic starter Posted : January 14, 2016 10:26 am


i took a day old abandoned kitten there a few months ago. they were so sweet.

heard but could not find the meowing in the morning, hubby said he heard it throughout the day. when i got him from work i still heard it.

it was a miracle i even found it where it was. poor thing was trying to crawl. still had the birth on it.

strong lungs, if that would be an indicator, this kitten surely survived

didnt even know any of the strays around were pregnant at the time.

Posted : January 14, 2016 10:41 am
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