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Returning to Main Land from USVI with my pet Dogs.

Ernie D
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Can anyone please tell me if I leave USVI, St. Croix to return to the main land. I was told that I can not take my dogs with me when I leave. Any information on this subject would be very appreciated

Topic starter Posted : October 20, 2016 9:12 pm

Not true.
Check the Airline policies regarding traveling with dogs.
I'll be moving stateside with 3 dogs. 12, 60 & 80 lbs.
Have to get vet certificate to travel within 10 days of travel date.
Little one can fly in plane with me in approved travel bag.
Other 2 will have to fly cargo.
Only thing I'm not sure about is how far or how near in advance I can book my travel date.

I'm going to check with HSSTT as they and the STX shelter and other rescues send animals off island all the time.

You can't fly dogs cargo during summer months due to airlines heat restrictions. Generally, May - October.

Posted : October 20, 2016 10:24 pm
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Not at all true. People fly back and forth with their dogs here all the time, and our animal shelters routinely fly adoptees out to the states. Check with your vet and the airlines for specific details.

Posted : October 21, 2016 9:09 am
Gator's Mom
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We are moving with pets to STX in late December/early January.

Here is what we've found out in the past week.

You cannot put pets in the hold on any Airbus no matter what airline, no matter what time of year. So no pets as checked luggage on Jet Blue. Delta from ATL to STX flies an Airbus, too. The holds are not adequately heated or air conditioned for pets.

Both AA and Delta will fly pets but have breed restrictions for dogs and cats in the hold. Check online.

There is a difference between air cargo and checked luggage. AA and Delta allow both on their Boeing planes. Air Cargo you take to the airline's air cargo port, checked luggage you take to the terminal check-in counter.

Delta Pet Cargo can be booked within two weeks of flying - however, you can only book Delta from SJU so you have to figure out the STX to SJU connection (you can check/cargo directly from STT though). I would call Delta to discuss taking pets as checked luggage and in the cabin under the seat. Each flight allows a limited number of checked pets and cabin pets, first come first served. It's $150 per pet in the cabin or as checked. It's about $300 per pet shipping by Air Cargo depending on size.

AA is more flexible with booking ahead and you need to call to arrange for Air Cargo or AA passenger for checked and cabin pets. AA has restrictions on how many in checked luggage and in the cabin, first come first served. Also, AA is strict about cabin pets weighing no more than 20 lbs including the carrier. The cost is the same as Delta - per pet $150 for cabin, $150 for checked, and about $300 Air Cargo depending on pet size.

We will be driving our pile of pets to Miami from Tampa. Our cats will go AA Air Cargo and we'll take the dogs with us on AA in the cabin. This is a bit more expensive but far less hassle since we can drive the cats to the Air Cargo check-in and not have to drag them to the terminal check-in counter at MIA. We will be on the same plane with the cats - or that's the goal. We cannot get our cats by air from TPA to MIA on AA because of the Airbus restriction.

Alana, you should be able to get your dogs to Orlando using AA or Delta. Boeing equipment is used on these routes. AA might work better though.

Posted : October 21, 2016 10:19 am

Thanks for the info, Gator's Mom.
I'm hoping to fly AA.

Posted : October 21, 2016 10:51 am
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