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Room-mate needed

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I put this on the Classified section, too, but figured the more exposure, the better!

My room-mate will be moving onto her new boat on July first, so I will have an extra bedroom in my apartment available for $750/mo, which includes all, except phone and wireless DSL, which is something I pay extra for. I spend a week to ten days at a time at the apartment, then fly to STX and spend a week to ten days there. Sometimes I have to go to America for work, and I am gone anywhere from 3 to 10 days at a time for that. My place is at the end of a dead-end road, right above Limetree Beach (you can walk to the beach if you want, but I'm lazy, so I drive), otherwise known as Bluebeard's Beach Club. I know that for a room-mate situation, this one would give you the most privacy.....oh, BTW, I have an $11,000 home theater system that you would be able to annoy the neighbors with in my absence (I do a good job of that when I am there!) I am a 40 year old alcoholic that has been in AA for over 3 years, so I don't drink, but you are welcome to, as I have my own vices (cigarettes, for one). As long as you don't complain about what I do, I won't complain about what you do (unless you were to damage my home theater! She's my Baby! Well, so is my Harley, so don't hurt her, either! haha!) My e-mail is, gimme a shout and lemme know if this might interest you.

Posted : June 3, 2008 2:28 pm
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