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Start of World peace between Palestinians and Jewish Here On St Croix

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Maybe a stretch of the start of peace between PLO and Isreal, but in my opionion, does shows co-existence is possible.

Interesting to read the article , Palestinians on St Croix in Crucian Trader and the fact the Palestinians of St Croix have a Mosque in Catherine's Rest and it sits besides a Jewish Synagogue belonging to the Jewish community of St Croix.

A must read in last week Crucian Trader , front page headlines The Palestinians Of St. Croix----March 29-April 4, 2012 edition, so only available for the next few days .

The Palestinians of St Croix success has been based on reliance on family model to operate their businesses(strong role of Palestinians fathers and the cohesiveness of the family), strong need to succeed, the inexhaustible work ethic and helping hand from other successfully Palestinians upon arrival to St Croix and or venturing out on a new business on their own. .

The articles details how the Palestinians started their businesses in the 50s to todays success of owning Plaza Extra , Food Town, gas stations, clothing stores etc...........

Lastly, as a veteran, THANK YOU Fathi Yusuf, owner of Plaza Extra supermarket, for the 5% veteran discount.

Topic starter Posted : April 4, 2012 12:22 pm
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