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Jim Dandy
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November 27, 2011 9:14 pm  

For those of you that are annoyed by the fact that you can't stream video from certain sources to the USVI I have found a solution that works quite well for me.

I purchased a Linksys E3000 router from Sabai technology. The router came flashed with a customized version of the Tomato OS. The router is set up out of the box to work with StrongVPN. I was able to set it up and connect using a VPN connection within minutes. If you want to make any tweaks, other adjustments or need help setting up your router the telephone technical support from Sabai is fantastic. Having tried to program routers before with DD-WRT and failing the router from Sabai was a turnkey solution. To the world most of the time my IP is now in Miami, but by changing the settings on my router it can be in Hong Kong, London, Frankfurt.

While it is not complicated to watch video on a PC running VPN software it is nicer to be able to watch video using a Roku, PS3 or Boxee and view the video on your TV. Your computer doesn't need to be running to watch TV.

The only impact on my Internet connection has been a slight increase in my latency. Amazon, Netflix, HBO all come in smooth and steady. My wife is also able to stream video from the land of her birth which normally isn't available unless you use an IP from that country.

As an added benefit your Internet communications are more secure as they are encrypted from your router to the VPN's exit portal to the WWW. This might be important, particularly if you are paranoid. Both BBVI and Choice use wireless technology to deliver the Internet and in certain circumstances a wireless signal is easier to intercept than a hard wired connection.

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