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Travel RN Opportunities vs. Permanent Jobs

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Hello and Good Evening! First and foremost, I have read the forums about RN employment, moving, etc. I received a referral for a full-time job in the USVI. I was curious about the travel agencies who serve the VI. Before I decide on a major move for a full-time job, I wanted to take a travel assignment first. Does anyone know which health care agencies staff the USVI? I have several nursing specialties, so I am open to multiple types of jobs. Also, when it comes to full-time work as an RN, I noticed wages are lower and rentals are fairly high. Without the various state taxes, does this come to comparable state-side wages? Any help would be great! Thank you.

Topic starter Posted : July 11, 2011 7:28 am
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At Schneider Regional Medical Center on St Thomas, Tru-Staff has the contract for providing temporary staff. There are lots of other jobs around- home health, hospice, skilled nursing, doctor's office, etc. but I don't know of anyone else who use travelers extensively. They might use them occasionally if someone quits, but they usually try to fill in from the local pool.

I think most people feel the lifestyle makes up for the decrease in income here.

Posted : July 11, 2011 12:51 pm
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I have worked as a Physical Therapist Traveler stateside, and of course the reason for the increased salary of a traveler is the possiblity of being cancelled when a perm hire comes on. I loved being able to check out a place before deciding if I wanted to move. I am coming down as a PT, but not as a traveler, but would have. I know that a company, Skipstone used to have a contract at Luis Rey in St Croix....(the hospital) I was speaking to a recruiter a few weeks ago for my OT friend, and he stated if the desire to come to St Croix was there, he thought he could find a travel position, so it may be worth your while to give a call.....they handle therapist, as well as nurses.

good luck

Posted : July 13, 2011 4:28 am
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