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Veteran Needs help-White SUV Today on Northside road

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To all, hoping for some help.

Driving today around 4:00PM in La Grande Princess/St john area did anyone witness the white SUV swerving from one side of the road to the other, possibly hitting one or two cars, and other things-----and almost 3 kids in La Grande princess area on Monday, June 4, 2012 4:00PM.

Why do I need your help---she hit my vehicle, mirror first, and the car behind her stopped (she continued), and yelled at me "call police, its a drunk)...and later I was involved in another accident with the car-----and I am the one possibly facing charges for forcing the vehicle off the road to prevent the car from hurting anyone, ie with the police behind the vehicle , it continued for almost a mile and half before it was blocked by my truck so the police could remove the driver from the vehicle.

Short brief, after she hot my truck's mirror, I continue towards Five Corners , traffic appeared heavy. Again, I saw ahead of me the white SUV vehicle going from side to side---cars stopped, and a police car was also one of the stopped vehicles, I yelled to them it was a drunk....and the car almost hit kids in LGP area, and struck my truck's mirror.

The cops turned around and began pursue.....I followed............I .remember hitting the back of her car and bringing her to a stop at the intersection near Pueblo...and with the cops stopped , she drove off and continue---right on Pueblo .

Next I remember getting out of my vehicle and the cops asking me what the hell am I doing---appears I boxed her in so she could no longer continue driving. Damage to my vehicle and hers in doing so in blocking her in.

Police are advising I could possibly be facing charges for purposely hitting her car and forcing her off the road. Matter is being turned over to the attorney's general office.

It was an elderly woman. police advising a dap was done and her blood sugar count was 45----she was barely conscious. She was taken away by ambulance. her car towed.

Looking for anyone who was driving and or witness the vehicle driving errantic on June 4 2012 , about 4:00PM from One Love gas Station to Five Corner, Five Corners to Pueblo, right at Pueblo for half mile----scene of the accident.

Send me a private message, email me, or even call me 340-201-4537 John

Topic starter Posted : June 5, 2012 2:02 am
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