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VI Smoking Ban In Restaurants Should Result In Health Care Savings  

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Here is a recent article about a study that shows less heart attacks and asthma 6 years later after my home state , RI, implemented and banned smoking in restaurants and public places.

Hopefully similar results in the future of the Virgin Islands since the smoking ban laws were implemented last year.

Heart attacks, health costs down since RI smoking ban

A new study shows a reduction in heart attacks, cases of asthma and in health care costs since Rhode Island banned smoking in public places in 2005.

The Rhode Island Department of Health issued the study Tuesday. It found about a 28% reduction in hospitalizations attributed to heart attacks, along with about a $6 million savings in health care spending, following the implementation of the ban in 2005.

"The number of heart attacks significantly dropped immediately after implementation of the ban," said Dr. Cynthia Roberts with the Rhode Island Department of Health.

“The results contribute to the growing number of studies showing the significant health benefits and cost savings gained by having a statewide ban on indoor smoking in place,” said Director of Health, Michael Fine, MD in a statement.

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If they will now ban sahara dust and mango pollen I'll be in great shape.

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...Hopefully similar results in the future of the Virgin Islands since the smoking ban laws were implemented last year...

Wow a year ago people could smoke in the restaurants in the USVI? Unbelievable! I am from CA where restaurants banned smoking in 1994. I remember very well because I was living in Paris at the time and was a smoker and when I came home to San Francisco I couldn't smoke which seemed weird since in France back then you could smoke in the banks. Even in a hospital a woman was smoking while tending to my broken leg after a snowboarding accident.

I travel a lot and it seems odd that only a year ago people smoked in restaurants in the USVI. I am so glad something was well in place in Puerto Rico when I moved here. I thought a lot more people would smoke here but really there are not that many. It's nice.

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I think they should ban others from breathing in my smoke. After all, it's very expensive for me to purchase the materials it takes to generate all that smoke. Not to mention the high medical bills I have to pay to keep myself productively able to generate at full capacity. I got away from smoking in restaurants long ago because of all the second hand moochers in there sucking it all up before I got the chance to rebreathe it. I always thought it was a good thing that I always recycled.

Just having a little fun with the non-smokers; I know it's bad for me and bad for you and yadda yadda yadda, I just never wanted to be a quitter. lol

Oh, and don't always believe the statistics, they're easily manipulated. Being a smoker for 23 years I can tell you it's not the laws banning smokers that makes us quit near so much as it is the rising cost of a pack of cigarettes. I've paid so much in "SIN" taxes that I am now torn between how many people I'm killing with my second hand smoke and how many people I'd be killing if I quit and the government no longer had my money to use on Medicaid.

That's not your car exhaust I'm smelling is it?

Humor is a good thing!

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Anyone know who I should report a restaurant to that allows everyone to smoke - at the bar in the restaurant - smoke is so thick at times you can't see (restaurant is on St John)



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