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WAPA water and electric service in Cruz Bay


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November 29, 2016 12:06 am  

How reliable is the WAPA water and electric service in Cruz Bay? We will be connected to the WAPA water supply. Specifically, how reliable is the water pressure, and how often and for how long is the service down? We are going to address the sediment issues with filtration and are considering the need and size for a pressure booster and storage system to address supply interruptions and pressure reliability. Also, how often and for how long at a time should we expect the power to be down. We are considering whether a back up power supply for essential circuits (i.e. lights, refrigerator, etc.) is sufficient, or whether we need to pay for a larger system to run everything including the AC. If the power is down a couple times a year for a few hours at a time we can live with a small emergency backup, if it is down every month and can be out for days at a time we will get something bigger. Any advice from people with actual experience would be greatly appreciated.

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November 29, 2016 1:35 am  

Buy a generator. You'll be glad you did.
A small 6000 watt one can run your refrigerator, a couple lights, tv/dvd, water pump and water heater, recharge your phone, run computer.
Can't use microwave, hair blow dryers or your dryer and you'll have to make do with cold water wash to do just do laundry and run pump.
Unplug everything else or you'll overload generator. I've never used one
to run an electric stove so don't know load capacity.

Or you can invest in a larger one that runs everything, washer, dryer, AC, freezer, refrigerator stove, lights everything.

You can always buy a fiberglass water storage tank and have it set up to collect rainwater from roof. They come in various sizes. I use my cistern water but also have a 600 gallon fiberglass tank that I can use for watering plants, or switch to house if cistern water runs low, or I have to do a cistern cleaning.

WAPA doesn't need a reason to go offline.
You can be out for a couple hours or days depending on situation.

Can't comment on city water.
Maybe stjohnjulie knows.
You don't have a cistern?

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December 4, 2016 3:33 pm  

Relying on WAPA will be a constant series of frustrating incidents.
Make every attempt to circumvent any interruption of water or power that you can afford even if you have to do it over time - you can expect disruptions of any length at anytime.

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