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Where is Colquohoun? (STX)


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September 18, 2007 4:51 am  

If someone could give me a town name, or a couple crossings roads in the area I can probably locate it. I have descent reference material with roads and such ("next to Joe's Deli" won't help, heh). Oh, and help with the pronunciation would be appreciated as well. Thanks alot

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September 18, 2007 1:17 pm  

hi Mojo13....
I cannot locate it on my map that shows all the estates, but a (local) co-worker tells me that it's located near Mon Bijou. Mon Bijou is mid-island, between Glynn and Mount Pleasant, near Midland Road. If you go to the gas station or any of the car dealerships on Midland Road (near the intersections of routes 72 and 75) someone might know the area you are looking for. Good luck!

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September 18, 2007 3:52 pm  

Colquohoun is off Midland Road, which is also called Route 72 on the Pocket Map. If you know where Caribbean Auto Mart is located, just south of them there is a road heading off to the west on the south edge of a gas station. That is Midland Road. Colquohoun is a few miles west along this road. You pass the Mon Bijou traffic light intersection and it's a little further. There are sometimes houses in the MLS for sale in Colquohoun in neighborhoods on the north side of Midland Road. This road has been under re-construction for more than a year, so sometimes it is closed with detours and you can't easily get to Colquohoun.

From the other end, if you are on Queen Mary Highway (Centerline/Hwy 70) and go north on Paradise Road (route 69) and bear right and left through the S curve so that you are heading towards Carambola Golf Course.... then instead of continuing straight onto the road that is overhung with trees in a tunnel like effect, take a right and that will also put you onto Midland Road. You would soon past a Baptist church on the right and then Annaly Farms meat market on the left. Colquohoun is just past that, mostly on the left.

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