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Your Vote Counts.

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Good Day Board Members!

I hope you all are well.  We are an opinionated and passionate group.  Please remember your vote counts , if you are able to do so please remember to vote.  Let your voice be heard, it does make a difference 🙂


Posted : September 8, 2012 2:55 pm
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Here is an e-mail I recently rec'd from a friend.
I think it merits sharing.
I am a 12th generation Virgin Islander and hope to see a drastic change for the better and the sooner the better.

Here's the e-mail:

"I have an idea that I think may work. Unfortunately I thought of it a little too late for the primary election, but perhaps we can work on it for the main election in November? Here are my thoughts, let me know if they are feasible or if you think this would work. We really can have some clout if we band together as a voting block.

I was speaking to one of my friends the other day about a person that has thrown their hat in the ring to become a candidate for the senate. She said she was going to support this candidate, but "he does not have a chance". I said, "why do you not think he has a chance? This, of all years, is the first year that he probably does have a chance..." I then went on to explain to her why I believed that this year, of all years, he may really have a chance.

With at least 10,000 maybe not born here and like minded individuals that are sick and tired of the cronyism, and the old guard that never accomplish anything except stealing our hard earned tax payers money to pad their pockets and work hard to get government contracts for their friends and family members. Everyone, including many of the locals are just totally fed up. I told her if we band together we can easily get at least 5,000 to 6,000 votes for 6 candidates. That is enough to win. We just have to stick together.

For the first time in the 32 years that I have lived here, this is the first time I have felt exhilarated at the prospect that with the coming election we may actually be able to initiate some change in our local Senate. Prior to this, it seemed that, no matter whom we voted for, it was always the same old cronies that were elected in to office. The same seemingly "dead wood" that banded together and stagnated our senate and our islands.

For the first time, I feel like we may actually be able to get new people in the senate that are fresh, new and really want to make a difference and move our islands forward.

I would like to propose that we all band together and create a list of candidates that we think would really and truly make a difference.

This is how I believe it can be done. If each of you list your top 6 candidates that you think are the very best and why you believe they can make a difference, Sent it to us, and we will compile the list and the majority of the reasons that all of you believe those particular candidates would be a great asset to us and our senate.

We will either send out via email or maybe create a site to go to where everyone can see what the others have said. We will, amongst all of us choose the top 6 candidates, and ALL vote for the same ones. I really believe we CAN make a difference. Many of the "cronies" are not even running again this time. (guess their pockets are padded enough)

There are at least 10,000 people between St. Thomas and St. John that are not "born here" but have made their homes here and are very invested both emotionally and physically in these gorgeous islands. If we band together and all vote for 5 to 6 candidates that we have all weighed in on and have chosen as our top 6, we should easily be able to get them elected. Generally it only takes about 5,000 to 6,000 votes to get someone elected in to the Senate.

If we pass this along to anyone that we think would be like minded, I know we can change the whole face of our senate. We can get new, enthusiastic people in there. If we can get just 6 people in there, that want to make a difference and move our islands forward it would be amazing.

If you are not a registered voter, Please go down and register NOW. Please pass this along to everyone that you know that is like minded and wants to see a change. We can get a WAPA that works, we can get a better education for the kids here, We can do wonders if we band together.....It is not "impossible". We just have to stick together...

I know we can make a change!"

Posted : September 8, 2012 4:06 pm
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