ISS (International Spacestation) Sightings Over the Virgin Islands  

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Good day everyone,

ISS will be visiting the beautiful Virgin Islands this weekend. ISS appears as a bright, non-blinking light as she glides across the sky.

Friday, August 2nd
A 4 minute run time @ 16 degrees over the horizon
Arriving from the SSE and Departing to the East (SSE to E)

At 9:01pm, she will make another pass:
A 2 minute run time @ 17 degrees - Arriving from the West and Departing to the WNW (W to WNW)

Saturday, August 3rd. HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY, JJ!
A 6 minute run time @ 40 degrees over the horizon (Great run time!)
Arriving from the WSW and Departing to the NNE (WSW to NNE)

Sunday, August 4th.
A 6 minute run time - Overhead!
Arriving from the SW and Departing to the NE (SW to NE)

Daniel posted a wonderful video "tour" of ISS under the topic "Science anyone." Very interesting and informative. Thank you Daniel!

ISS has a six member crew aboard. They appreciate and enjoy being remembered by all of us down here.

"Give 'em a wave!"

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We saw it!!!!!! Yay!!! It was hard to spot as it was still light in the west. As it got mid sky I saw a flash of light and then we were able to keep our eyes on it and follow it.

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