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Christmas tree?

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Looking to purchase an artificial Christmas tree on STX. Preferably 7 ft but would consider 6 ft.
Starting to plan Christmas for our daughter.. it’s our first Christmas on the island.. would like to make it a nice one for her.

Please PM us if you have one.


Posted : September 19, 2007 10:14 pm
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Soon you will be tripping over them at K Mart. I prefer the West one, it has way more ambiance than Sunny Isle.
We got a cool little fiber optic one last year and will enjoy it again soon come.Hope your child has a great Cruzin Christmas. You can get areal one during the season in Gallows Bay.

Posted : September 20, 2007 12:49 pm
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Any idea how much a real one would cost? We are hoping to move before Christmas and the kids are adamant that we need a real tree. I would prefer a real one but don't want it to break the bank either.

Posted : September 20, 2007 5:24 pm
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Actually, KMart had their Christmas decorations out BEFORE Labor Day. That is fully one third of the year. Personally, I think that is too much. Also, since KMart does the "seasonal" display thing, you can't get a lawn chair, gardening supplies, grills, etc. (Or, at best, very minimal.) I can ignore the Christmas stuff until I'm in the mood, but I need lawn chair cushions!

Posted : September 20, 2007 6:30 pm
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We saw the ones at KMart which is what got us thinking about Christmas so early. But we were not impressed with the prices.. we decided to seek a used one for now.

So if you guys know of anyone moving back to the mainland and they don't want to move their tree back ... please let me know.


Posted : September 20, 2007 9:17 pm
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How much does a real tree cost?

Posted : September 21, 2007 12:30 am
Linda from Michigan
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About $80 at Gallows Bay - may find one less.

Posted : September 21, 2007 11:52 am
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Some of the island stores also sell some Christmas stuff. You could get a potted Norfork Pine and plant it after the season. Christmas is a very big deal here and nearly no business gets done untill after 3 Kings Day
Don't miss all the parades especially the Boat Parade.

Posted : September 21, 2007 2:49 pm
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Hello there. I do not have large trees, however if anyone on the board would like me to set aside tabletop potted, healthy Norfolk pine I would be happy to do so. They range from 14-28" tall and retail for $14-. For board members, they are $10.

Please just send me a PM so I am notified and can pull the largest tree.

Best wishes to all, and yes, the season does seem to start very early and go on for some time! Good or bad, I cannot be the judge of, but it is what it is. As a post script, the Boat Show in C'sted is wonderful.

Danieljude, Licensed Horticulturist, USVI

Posted : September 21, 2007 4:46 pm
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