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Classic 1961 Series IIA Land Rover, price reduced


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July 14, 2011 2:05 pm  

I'm leaving St. Croix soon and have to sell my Land Rovers.

This 1961 Series IIA Diesel 88" was brought from the UK in 2006. Has brand new HD battery, biodiesel compatible fuel lines, new fuel pump, 1 year old brake drums and shoes on front (new rear drums, shoes, shocks and springs included!). Chassis has some rust, but in OK shape. Also some rust/corrosion in the usual places for LRs of this age, footwells, bulkhead hinge points. The upper door frames (just below window glass) are rusting pretty bad and will need to be replaced or removed. I'm including Land Rover green canvas bimini soft top, my intention was to fabricate roll bar, install bimini top and remove the window glass and frames from the doors, for open jeep.

Rear bed is completely lined with diamond plate, with built-in lockable tool case behind seats.

Odometer reading is not accurate. Don't know actual miles.

This rover had some issues with the fuel system that I have almost, but not quite worked out. Hope to finish priming the system and have the IP timing adjusted and running this week. But does not start at this moment.

With this sale I'll include spare 2.25L Series 3 diesel engine, the bimini top mentioned above, as well as the rear springs, shocks, brake drums and shoes listed above. Also have used pair of original front leaf springs in good condition. Vehicle currently has parabolic springs on front (also in good shape). And finally, a new muffler and tail pipe assembly. All these items are new, except the engine and extra front springs. No guarantee on the spare engine, it is only included as a back-up for future reconditioning and swap.

I also have a 20 foot container full of more spare parts. (not included with this sale, but available, and negotiable)

Price reduced from $4500 to $3000 for quick sale.

340-643-2444. Please leave a message. Thanks.

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