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Looking for 1 BR on STT  


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July 31, 2017 12:27 am  

Good evening folks.

While I adore my current apartment on Crown Mt, I just retired and am looking to downsize. I would like a safe neighborhood, furnished, 1 car parking, and washer/dryer in unit or onsite. PM me if you have any leads. I'd be looking to move in anytime between now and Sept 15. I have my current place until Sept 30, but don't mind getting a place now as well.

Option 2 is to relocate to FL, TN or NC, but I'd really like to remain on STT.

I've been checking the VI Daily News, and Craig's list (I don't really need heat or snow plowing LOL) Been looking for signs, but the same ones are up that have been up for a very long time.

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