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Looking to move to the US VI's

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Hello there , I'm looking to move to either St. Thomas, St. Croix or St. John and I have no idea where to start. I'm a 30 year old business professional living just north of Boston and I'd like to move for either a year or so or if everything works out I'd be staying for good but I dont know where to start. I'm looking to get into a job as well as get an apartment and could use some help. I would be open to rooming with someone, I'm clean responsible and friendly and just feed up with the North East and I've been dreaming of the islands for a long time. I traveled to St. John last year and fell in love with it all and I want to go back and stay !!

Topic starter Posted : January 7, 2010 10:59 pm
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Good morning micmac311,

The best place to start is by poring over the posts on the general message board. Read the moving stories, and read the archives. Also, start reading the local newspapers online - the Source, the VI Daily News, the Avis (St. Croix), the Tradewinds (St. John). This will help you get a feel for the differences between each island. Don't skip the police log in the papers, either. Crime per capita is high compared with where you are living.

Falling in love with St. John on vacation and moving to any of the four Virgins is like night and day. If you don't even know what island you are interested in living on, you have a lot of research ahead of you.

It's very easy to find a place to live for one person once you are on island, so don't stress about that (really). It's much harder to find a job, as it is in the states right now, too. It is unlikely you will be hired anywhere before you arrive, unless you have a special skill that is in demand.

Keep us posted on your plans as they unfold....

Posted : January 8, 2010 10:03 am
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Hi, My name is Carmelita 50 yrs old , Electrical Engineer. I would love to come to the NE if I could find a job. Good luck in your relocation,
It surely can be done. I moved here from NJ. working a t Bell Labs , Holmdel NJ. Came down here after renting a $250 /wk apt. then moved in with 4 roommates ( by word of mouth) then used all my skills to live {braiding hair, electrician work, tour guide, giving facials as a Nuskin Rep. etc.) All that was 19 years ago, 1 husband ago(and a daughter ago) and 3 Government jobs ago.

I am looking for a room mate using word of mouth. A car is needed. Only taxis running to Carambola Hotel available for transportation. The rent is negotiable for the right person. ~ $400.00

To share furnished 2 bedroom 1 -1/2 bath house, kitchen, large rap around porch, which I built. And am still building.

Female preferred or the conservative male, must be clean and quiet. Estate LaVallee ON NORTH SHORE 1 MILE EAST-OF CANE BAY BEACH, 5 miles from Carambola Hotel 200yds from the beach. QUEEN SIZE BED, utilities included, Call Cam 514-9632, 718-3641,

Posted : January 22, 2010 3:02 pm
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As mentioned up front you need to look at the posts on this board. There are MANY. Once you have done that, and are getting ready to move down, not just the thinking mode, you need to come down and do a Pre Move Visit. Get a job, line up a place to live, get transportation e

Without a PMV it is like a crap shoot. It will cost you about 1500 but it will be the best 1500 you will spend. If you don't have 1500 laying around don't come at all. You will need first, last and one month security, about 3000. You will need a car, say about 3000. It is better to spend it up front and know what you are getting into. There is a world of difference coming down to live and work then just on vacation.


Posted : January 23, 2010 1:27 pm
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Hi Micmac,
I too have been contemplating making a move to the Virgin Islands..My plans are to go for a year or so.. I am thinking of beginning this idea sometime in July,this year.. The Place seems a bit pricey to live, but as a team,if the spirit grabs you to do so, we could have a chance at planning a decent living condition that might benefit the both of us. I am a 65 year old semi retired straight gentleman...and if you are interested so far, I would very much like to persue the idea. GG you can also email me at Beeeeflat@aol.com

Posted : February 7, 2010 8:23 pm
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Hey there! My name is Nichol. I currently live approx. 30 minutes south of Boston. I am looking into moving to the US VI's as well. I am a 33 year old business owner with two children 15 & 9. I have a friend who's family owns a charter airline in the BVI and I just absolutely love it out there. It could possibly benefit us both to utilize their freight service if our moves are close enough together. Also, if you obtain any rental information that could be helpful please pass it along and of course I will do the same if you don't mind.

Good luck!

Very Truly Yours,

~ Nichol

Posted : February 11, 2010 8:48 am
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