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We have purchased our long anticipated “one-way” tickets and have a date set for our vehicle shipment. As we have known for over a year that we were moving to St. Croix, we have watched the rental market intensively. Mostly on Craigslist but also on a few realtor and property management websites. Since we now have an arrival date, it’s time to step up the rental search process so I thought I would put the word out here in case anyone knows of something coming available.

In a nutshell, we are looking for a 1-2 bedroom rental. We strongly prefer the West End. Not that there is anything particularly wrong with the East End or other island locations. We stayed a month last summer on the East End at the Reef condos and loved every minute of it. We made more connections on the West End and it is just more of what we are looking for in our “island escape”. In the event we are unable to locate suitable housing on the West End, then we will likely be looking back to the East End with possibilities along the Cane Bay area as well.

If anyone knows of something coming available around late April or early May, please reply with contact information.

Topic starter Posted : March 28, 2016 5:23 pm
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