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Sandy Point

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Any word on Sandy Point? There Facebook page indicated that they are closed. Beautiful beach!

Topic starter Posted : December 23, 2017 12:02 pm
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If you are seeking the "official" Sandy Point Beach approached from Melvin Evans Hwy, with weekend federal park ranger at the SW tip of the island, I don't know.

If you are looking for a swimable sandy beach spot very close to the Sandy Point Beach , where other folks are walking or driving to sun and swim, I can reply with what I saw this weekend. It's slightly northward from the SW tip, on the west shoreline road.

You can reach this spot by driving along the west shore heading south from F'sted town into the wildlife sanctuary area, past Cottages by the Sea, Sandcastles and Beachside Cafe toward where the public swimming pool is/was. The road got washed out by the big salt pond expanding across it, westward toward the sea, before you can reach the public pool, and does not look passable for now. Several people were enjoying the nice sandy beach and water there, whereas many of those lovely sandy beaches all along the western shore lost so much sand that their waves edge now rolls onto mostly rough coral or rock formations that the hurricane temporarily uncovered. However the former sand layer is already being redeosited by the sea slowly, said a neighbor, as had happened after Hugo.

That particular beach spot still has its easy accessible public sandy beach.

Posted : December 26, 2017 1:20 am
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