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Star Wars books, both adult and Kids for sale on STX

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Lot of 13 Star Wars novels- $20 for all
In fair to very good condition.
1. The Unseen Queen
2. The Mandalorian Armor
3. I, Jedi
4. The Hutt Gambit
5. Tattooine Ghost
6. Splinter of the Mind's Eye
7. Heirs of the Force
8. The Truce at Bakura
9. Han Solo's Revenge
10. Slave Ship
11. Light Saber
12. Planet of Twilight
13. Survivor's Quest (hard back)

Lot of 5 juvenile Star Wars books. $10 for all
In good to very good condition.
1. Jedi Quest- The Trail of the Jedi
2. Jedi Quest- The School of Fear
3. Queen Amidala
4. Queen of the Empire
5. Galaxy of Fear- Ghost of the Jedi

Message me at if interested. Can send pictures too.

Topic starter Posted : April 19, 2014 3:37 pm
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