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STX-Need a babysitter/petsitter? Look no further!  


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April 9, 2013 8:02 pm  

Hi im nadia, if your looking for a babysitter/petsitter then I'm the person for the job. I'm 20 years old and Ive had experience with kids for about 9 years. I've had younger siblings I used to take care for,babysat kids around by neighborhood and worked as a sub teacher at a daycare. Ive learned a lot over the years about children's behavior and how to deal with them. I'm currently watching 2kids from 2separete families. My times and days are very flexible. If you would like me to watch your child/children a certain day I would have to know the time and day exact. I do have other families kids to watch over so be sure to reserve your time and day.I try to have as many hours as possible. I love children and I love what I do. It brings me joy and happiness. If you have any more questions just ask in my PM or you could email me. (I'll give it in PM)


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