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STX Safety Turtle -- Pool Protection for Kids


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A used Safety Turtle with two wrist bands. Each easy to set up kit includes a Base station with AC adapter and user guide. You will also receive the baby turtle plug for the base station and a key for locking the buckle on the wrist band. The base station can be plugged in up to 100 feet from your pool and the wrist band comfortably locks around your child's wrist. A loud alarm will sound when your child's wrist band is immersed in water and will not stop until it is physically reset. This portable alarm can be used in spas, lakes, or any other pool. No installation required. Quick set up and test. While children enjoy wearing the colorful Turtle Wristbands, rain or light spray won't trigger the alarm. The Turtle Wristband locks securely around a child's wrist, using the key provided. The Turtle is permanently sealed and rugged to withstand children's play. Located in Little Princess

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