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Thank you for reviewing the message board rules. These rules are in place to ensure an environment conducive to helpful discussions is maintained; and that all users have a positive experience while participating.

By using the message board, you agree to follow the rules. Offending posts can be removed with or without notice. A user that continuously violates the rules will have their account suspended.

Keep discussions related to the topic of the site and message board. is a guide to relocating to the U.S. Virgin Islands and to living in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Respect the topic of sub-forums and the main forum. Unrelated topics will be moved, closed or deleted.

Keep your comments clean. Vulgar language and profanity is not allowed, this includes inappropriate words, phrases, photos, memes, videos, and using characters to replace letters to spell profanities indirectly.

Respect other users. Abusive, threatening, harassing, argumentative comments are not allowed. Badgering other users is not allowed.

Do not engage in excessive confrontational postings. Debate is an important type of discussion but users should not try to “pick a fight”. Users participating in a personal attack will receive a warning, and their message removed. A future incident will result in the user’s account being suspended.

If you want to advertise your business or services, contact us for Advertising Information. Advertising your business, product or services on the message board is not allowed. An advertisement is categorized as an attempt to solicit business. Using your business name as your user name is not allowed. Posting business information will be removed. Paid advertisers on have exceptions, their support helps make the website possible. does have a classifieds sub-forum for personal ads.

Items for sale, items wanted type ads by individuals are allowed on the classifieds sub-forum only.

You are allowed one account. A user that creates multiple accounts may have their accounts suspended.

Be tactful when posting critical comments about a person, company or organization. Slanderous or libelous posts are not allowed.

No spamming; do not post the same message repeatedly.

Posts announcing that you, or another user, is leaving the board are not allowed.

Material protected by copyright may not be posted without the expressed permission of the copyright owner. When paraphrasing another work, cite the original source whenever possible. Quotes from and links to other web sites must not violate the rules of VIMovingCenter or the rules of the website being quoted or linked.

You may not transmit or publish messages from this message board; this includes but is not limited to copying messages in whole or in part and posting them on another site, message board or publication.

Event announcements are allowed on the community sub-forum only.

Off-topic discussions are allowed on the “Under a Coconut Tree” sub-forum only. This off-topic sub-forum cannot be used for canvassing on a topic or point of view. Threads must be active discussions with engaged participation of forum users.

Statements which reflect poorly on the VIMovingCenter website are not allowed.

Discussions challenging board rules or board moderators are not allowed. If you disagree or want clarification on something you can email us.

We reserve the right to remove a post or close a thread for any reason without notification. You remain solely responsible for the things you post, and you agree to hold and its owners harmless. These rules and guidelines can be updated or changed at any time. This message board is part of, visit the site’s Terms of Use., its owners and partners do not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of any of the posts on the message board.

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Forum Etiquette Tips

Welcome new users. Answer questions with an answer, not solely with instructions to use the search feature. If you start a discussion or ask a question, come back to check the answers; acknowledge the board members that took the time to reply to you. If you are interested in, or inquiring about a specific island be sure to mention which one. Do not quote entire posts in your reply. Do not correct other posters’ spelling or grammar – if you don’t understand their comments, ask for clarification. Limit the use of “bump posts”. Respond to questions and comments on the message board, it insures that all users benefit from the information you have to share. If a comment is personal, and a one to one remark then use private messages. Information posted in messages can be viewed by all users, think twice before posting telephone numbers, addresses and other personal information.

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Forum Help/FAQ

Help with Registration

Help with using the Message Board

How do I register?

Registration is required to participate in discussions. Registration is easy. In the top left corner of the message board click on “Sign Up”. Or you can use this link: Register for Fill in the form by selecting a user name and password. An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you entered. If you don’t find the validation email in your “In box” be sure to check your spam/bulk box. You will need to open the e-mail and click on the validation link to confirm and activate your registration.

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I just registered but can’t log in.

Registrations must be validated; an email is sent to you after submitting the membership registration form on the site. If you have not received the validation email, please check your spam or junk e-mail folders. If you received the email, clicked the link and still have trouble signing in, email the Board Moderator for help.

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I registered in the past, but don’t remember my account information.

If you forgot your password but remember the username you can use the “Log In” link and the forgot password option. If you don’t remember the username or password, you can email us from the email address associated with your account to get the information you need.

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I forgot my password.

Click on the “Log In” link and use the forgot password field to request a new password. Instructions on setting a new password will be emailed to you.

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Can I use my VInow registration to log in on VIMovingCenter?

No, the two message boards are hosted on two separate websites so registration is required on each site independent of the other.

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How do I post a reply? How do I start a new topic?

You must be registered and logged in to start a new topic and to reply.

To post a new topic click on the “New Topic” link at the top of the message board. A message form will appear. After writing your message you have options like preview and spell check. Click “Post” to submit the message.

To reply to another person’s message, click on the “Reply” link just below the actual post that you want to reply to. Fill in your message in the form and click “Post” to submit the message.

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How do I edit and/or delete a post I made?

You can edit a message for up to 45 minutes after posting it, after that time you cannot edit it. Board users cannot delete messages. If you would like one of your messages deleted, find the message and use the “Report” link below the message. In the report form explain that it’s your post and the reason for requesting it be removed.

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Can I post images?

Yes, the photo must be stored on a website, we do not store photos. Place the URL for the photo itself between the image tags [img] and [/img] within your message; or use the small “insert image” icon in the message tool bar. When you post your message the image should appear. Images should not be included in signatures and should be a normal size. Very large photos can distort our page layout and will be removed. Use the preview link before posting to insure your photo appears correctly in the message box.

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How do I search through past messages?

Click on the “Search” link located at the top of the message board. Fill in the keywords and/or author fields. Adjust the dates you wish to search in. Click Search.

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Can I flag a particular thread that I want to follow?

To follow a thread, select the “Follow Topic” link in the options at the end of the thread you want to follow. Followed threads can be found in Control Center at the top of the message board. To remove a thread from your Followed Threads list; go into Control Center, select “Show Followed Threads”, click the box in front of the thread you would like to remove and click save changes.

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I’d like to report a post that is against board rules or otherwise questionable.

Logged in users can see “Report” in the options at the bottom of all posts. Use this to report the offending post to the moderator.

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Can I change my registered username?

You must contact the Board Moderator if you wish to change your user name. A change isn’t always possible.

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What is PM (Private Messaging)?

PM stands for Private Messages. To send a private message click on the “PM” option behind the username of the person you want to contact. Or select “Private Messages” at the top of the message board; and then choose “Send a PM” from the options. Type in the username of the person you wish to Private Message along with the message and click Send PM. When you have received a new private message a “You have new private messages” notice will appear at the top of the message board. You must be logged in to check and send private messages. When you receive a private message a notification email is also sent to the email address you used during registration. If you don’t want to receive these notification emails you can log into Control Center, Edit Email Settings, uncheck I want to receive moderation emails and click submit.

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I received unwanted private message from another board user.

Please report it to the Board Moderator.

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How long do messages stay on the board, do you use them elsewhere?

Messages generally remain on the board archived, they are not removed based on age with the exception of posts on the classifieds forum. We do not guarantee that your message will remain permanently. We reserve the right but not the obligation to edit and remove messages for any reason. Periodically we may use message board postings in our publications (web sites, newsletters or other publications). Your participation on the message board automatically gives us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive license and right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, distribute, display your posts/messages in whole or in part and/or to incorporate them in other works now known or later developed. You cannot withdraw or retract the posts or seek payments from us in relation to this license at any time in the future.

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What are Internet Trolls?

Most people use message boards to learn and share information, there are however some users who are out to disrupt the flow of information. They are called Internet Trolls. They want to create discord, arguments and distractions. It is often a game for them. You cannot dissuade them, challenge them or embarrass them; any response at all is a victory since it provides attention and a continuation of their distracting post. Trolls might ask strange or way off questions, impersonate other users, create multiple personalities and then post a question and respond to themselves, post the same question or comment frequently or always comment negatively. The best response to a suspected troll is no response, ignore them. If you suspect a user is a troll, report them and their post to the board moderator.

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I have a question/comment not addressed.

Questions/Comments email the Board Moderator.

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