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Are you homeschooling?


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October 15, 2015 2:55 am  

Here is the new draft of the VIBOE home education policy.

Contact me St. Thomas residents especially...if you are homeschooling. You do need to fill out your request form and start thinking of putting together a portfolio. There is a high possibility that the policy will be enforced this school year. One of the plans our new commission of education (Commissioner Dr. McCollum) has is to pay close attention to home education and to be sure that the resources the government has reach parents who homeschool.

Not to worry...I will start consultation services by January. This service will include lesson planning, tutoring, and portfolio development for parents who are homeschooling. I am working on the business license and so on right now. My package is $180 monthly with three hours of consultation services per week. Or, you can opt for the $50 per hour fee if you are a skilled DIY parent and only need a little help now and again. Contact me @ for more information. Crucians, I have a package for you too ($110) but this is virtually through Skype and phone contact,etc.

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