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Just Days Before Ki-Hara Flexibility Event(s)

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Stretch Chi Returns to the Virgin Islands!

Learn an innovative way to increase flexibility and decrease pain.

Ki-Hara Re-defining Flexibility Retreat: January 9-14, 2011

Session One - 3 hour self-stretching workshop
o 7-10am Sunday ($100)

Session Two - assisted stretching and problem solving
o 7-10am Monday, Tuesday and Thursday ($400 for 3 days)

Take Both Sessions for Level 1 Certification and CEUs

Full Ki-Hara Retreat ($995)*
o includes morning sessions
o Extra class on Mashing Techniques
o Late Afternoon Supervised Practice Sessions
o Sunset yoga
o Extra Class on Muscle Activation
o Extra Class on Scar Tissue Removal

• *lodging at Estate Concordia is available, but not included. Schedule provided upon request.
Private sessions with Carrie Collins

Call (773) 750-5031 to register before January 8th and (340) 693-5855 after January 8th.

Posted : December 31, 2010 2:38 pm
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