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U.V.I. Science Club Fundraiser! MOVIE NIGHT!

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Hello fellow islanders!

The University of The Virgin Islands on St. Croix is having a Science Movie Night this Friday 11/2 from 7--9 p.m.! Admission is ONLY $1! All of the money that is collected will go towards the U.V.I. Marine & Environmental Science Club (St. Croix Campus). The movies are various BBC educational science films. As the Science Club Secretary, I plan on coordinating monthly beach clean-ups with Elena Christain students, as well as, my SIMBA Cheerleaders at Elena! I have started a 7th & 8th grade CHEER SQUAD at Elena Christian Junior High School....and the girls are doing great! It's a process to get these girls disciplined, but it's working! I have some ideas for fundraisers for the girls in the works. Uniforms & pom-poms are ordered and we are ready! I just moved here on August 1st with my fiance, and we are loving it! We work through The Dept. of Education, we are U.V.I. students, and we are planning our wedding for Feb.15th!

So REMEMBER: This Friday Night! 11/2 7--9 p.m. $1 Science Movie Night!

**If you have any questions my email is Risa_Paige@yahoo.com**

Thanks, Risa

Posted : October 29, 2007 2:22 pm
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