2nd PMV & Trip to S...

2nd PMV & Trip to STX This Saturday - Yay!  

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Well, me and Missus had plans to come down to STX this past October for my 50th - the hurricanes changed those plans!

We managed to bump everything to this coming week. We'll be staying at the Buccaneer this time (last time it was Tamarind Reef).

As I continue to read the threads, may I ask, how are things coming along on STX?

We look forward to coming down and supporting the local economy as best we can!

I'd love to get some good restaurant recommendations please. The last time we were on island was two years ago.

Dan & Kathleen

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Things are moving along on STX quite well in general. Definitely open for visitors. Most Maria activities remaining now are rebuilding/repairing residences and remaining commercial buildings. Most pre-Maria restaurants are operational and a few new ones, Lots more of the same Q&A going on over at the TA STX forum..

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things are pretty good. there are still a whole lot of places where you can see damage. not every place has home phone/business phone and cable services.

grocery stores are open and fully stocked.

i like fusions, its across the street from pearl b larson. heading out of town to the east end. on the left hand side. they have a blue tarp as a roof. but the food is great.

common sense pub in downtown right by Asha. great food.

mill pizza place-cant remember the name. best pizza on island

duggans has not reopened. sadly.

deep end has a pretty good breakfast.

cafe fresco-love these guys

no bones is always good

thats just a few of my favorites

i have not been to balter or the one that is where kendricks used to be

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Wonderful. Thanks for the list of places, we'll be looking out for them.


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Have a wonderful visit. I would love to hear about your trip and experience as we plan our 3rd PMV and house hunting trip in May.

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