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Anyone been there recently? How are they doing?


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Nope. But I can say this: I am wholly unconnected with any of the restaurants, be it friend, owner, etc., and I have been to Good Spirits lately. Had the pulled pork tacos on a soft tortilla. They are a gift from God. It. Tasted like the flour tortilla was homemade.

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Anyone been there recently? How are they doing?


I was wondering, too. Unless Chris has posted since yesterday (and I just haven't gotten to it yet), it's been about a week since we've heard from him. I hope that just means business is good, and he's too busy for us.:-)

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Still here guys. Found some issues this week that need serious attention. Flounder, I found the Green beans were not being made from the recipie I make them with. So you might say that Hell has no furry compared to an owner, who has called everyone in on the only day we are closed. Dropped most of the prices yesterday and we are back on track.

Nothing is impossible and you either learn fast or go home. Well St Croix is home and I'M still here for the long run. Hope to see you all soon.


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My nephew was in last week, and said the place looked great…he really enjoyed his lunch.

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