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I am considering moving to St Croix but my field is in automotive repair. I have been searching for quality repair shops in St Croix on the internet and the only one that seems to have a website is HH auto repair. So I am hoping with this post that there is someone that knows of or uses a high quality repair shop and can let me know how to get in touch with them.

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there is an online vi phone book, but you should just be able to google it and fine it

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There are several repair shops. The words "quality auto repair" and "St Croix" are not synonymous in my book. In my several years on island, I've yet to find a single one that is consistently good...and some I refuse to do business with. As I'm not that mechanical, depending on the issue I'll pick the lesser of the evils. Here's a partial list for your benefit (off the top of my head)...

Caribbean Auto Mart
Echo Valley Tire
Metro Motors
MVP? Auto (5 corners)
Unique Auto (Glynn)
Tire Express

There's lots more...just can't think of them now.

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I worked in STX as a mechanic. You could actually do side work out of your home. I worked at CAM but was constantly asked to do repairs on the side. You will just have to research and do a PMV. There are a few new car dealers and several small garages.

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Absolutely, positively stay the hell away from Caribbean Auto Mart.

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