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Bringing it all together

Linda from Michigan
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Today my daughter's friend, Filly, was buried - laid to rest - just as he was laying and resting when he was shot 2 weeks ago, senselessly, by someone who walked into his mother's home and murdered him.

I don't know what prompted it - I've heard ramblings. It doesn't really matter. Another life is gone. Another father who can't be there for his 3 children. Another son, friend, relative, lover.

When is it going to end? I advocate that all of us who want to see the violence in the Territory end, meet at Pickled Greek (or another venue) on the Monday after Thanksgiving to come together - hopefully leaders from the various groups working around the island would come - so that we can bring leaders together to decide on a plan of action to bring about lasting change in a focused effort.

I will see if I can get Cheryl Francis, the Lt. Governor's wife to join us - and perhaps either the Police Commissioner or the Police Chief to join us.

Who would attend and work on an action plan for the whole of the Territory - and St. Croix in particular?



Posted : November 20, 2009 12:20 am
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