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Just when you think it is safe to go out...Bam....someone pees on your shoes
Thanksgiving day, after one of the best dives I have ever had at Cane Bay, some one broke in to my car and stole cash and my blackberry
We did not discover anything was missing until we had left Cane Bay
The scum that do these things should be hanged.....They sure can ruin a great place like STX
I should know better than to leave anything in the car and just leave it unload.
Also, were the f.... are the cops. I thought they where going to put a sub station in Cane Bay years ago
The good news is that no one was hurt
STX is going to turn into Bonair where they will break a car window to get to a dog turd...
The break ins there are out of control and it is effecting tourism
I guess we live, learn and move one

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No sweat Speedy1dy. The jokes on me,hell I even luagh at myself somtimes.

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i know alot of what i say here gets lost in the translation. i tend to have a very dry sense of humor.
lizard i agree with you. besides they help lower blood pressure and help people live longer and healthier
chockman, i laugh at myself everyday, its good for you

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