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Burglary in Salt River

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This was posted on STXCrimeWatch.com yesterday.

At about 11:25am today, a burglary occurred at our neighbors’
beachfront vacation rental property in Salt River while the renters
were out. The time is known because the perps were recorded on camera,
but they hid their faces with palm fronds while walking past the
cameras. They also knocked out one camera. The perps were on the
property for about 5 minutes. They entered by breaking a ground floor
window with a conch shell from the property. They took $400 cash, a
wallet, cell phone, iPhone, laptop, red back pack, iPod, and 3 pairs
of water shoes. They were 4 to 6 young black men, dressed only in swim
trunks (and later in water shoes), and they appeared to come and go
from the beach area. Neighbors think they might have been a group of
boys who came to Columbus Landing beach on bicycles, and who were also
seen riding in Mon Bijou.

The police and forensics arrived soon after they were called, and
spent a good deal of time there, mainly waiting for me to get the DVR
set up to view what transpired, and then trying to copy the footage to
a disk. It was my first time working a DVR, but between the police,
the renters, and the concerned neighbors, we got it going. The disk
copy is still pending. No faces appeared to be clearly visible on
camera, but a careful review might catch some usable screen shots.

The renters took it fairly well, and watching the camera footage added
a little excitement.

Keep an eye out for these kids on bikes.

Posted : July 13, 2010 12:20 pm
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Post the video to a website, then post a link here for us to view it.
I believe that's how the last videotaped perps were caught last year on that eastend break in

Posted : July 14, 2010 3:48 pm
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