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2nd try. I had my first encounter with of of these creatures a couple days ago. I'm staying at St.C and have absolutely no complaints-so when this, my first bug, appeared I was, well, amazed. However, I am not a big fan of any type of bugs so I drowned it it Raid and then put a penny in front and behind of it to make sure it was dead and not moving. It was most certainly dead after not having moved at all in many hours so I scooped it up into a yogurt container witha piece of cardboard and flushed it down the wc. I've since come to learn that they come in during the rainy season, are especially nasty, and for people with a histamine allergy, really something to be concerned about (Wikipedia). People I work with tell me to check my bedding before I climb in and my shoes before I put them on. I've moved the bed away from the walls and make sure that none of the linens ever touch the floor. But what about clothing in my drawers? Was that a once in a blue moon encounter? Any thing else I need to know? Many thanks for your advice. I'm loosing sleep over this. VT

Posted : June 2, 2011 1:54 am
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We are right in back of ST C-The Inn At Pelican Heights. Very rarely do we see centepedes(although when we first moved here in Sept 2009), I would see them on a daily basis.

We try to control them the following ways:

1. We buy a can of spray at ABC janitorial in Gallows Bay for about $9.00. Little expensive compared tp cost of raid, however, a much better quality and KILLS and prevemts all bugs. The wife sprays around any potential entry point(quick spray on screen, under entry door, etc....), once a week.

We were also told by locals the centepedes dont like the smell of FABULOSO. So we have some diluted in spray bottle and spray around the outside of our unit. Last week I crawled underneat a back deck and encountered about 1/2 dozen centepedes. Sprayed the fabuloso, and a few day ago still could smell the FABULOSO----but saw no signs of CENTEPEDES.

I' ve got a outside sprayer with FABULOSO in it---send me a message with your number and I be happy to come spray for you for FREE

Good luck---hope the info helps.

Posted : June 2, 2011 9:31 am
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We were told by a local to get a product called Bug Stop. It works great. It's in a black container and has a nice sprayer.
We use to get alot of roaches in our kitchen especially in the dish washer, since we started using Bug Stop no roaches. It has no smell which is great. Works great on centipedes also.
We buy it at Cost U Less or The do it center.

Posted : June 2, 2011 12:47 pm
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